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Understanding Your Plan

Guarantee Information

  • Any product distributed by Door & Window Connection will be subjected to individual supplier guarantee. Suppliers provide guarantees between 5-10 years.
  • Door & Window Connection believes in all the products that we sell and give a additional 10 year conditional guarantee on all our products. (see full detail in store)
  • To validate the 10 Year Conditional guarantee a maintenance contract is available as a additional service to all our clients.

Exclusion From Our Guarantee

  • Natural colour variations are not classified as defects.
  • Surface checking, shrinking or cupping.
  • Any deterioration caused by failure to protect or seal all exposed surfaces and edges with approved sealant from Door & Window Connection.
  • Improper transporting or incorrect storing of the product.
  • Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 6mm in the plain of the door itself. Warp is any distortion in the door itself and does not refer to the relation of the door to the frame in which it was hung. The term warp includes bow, cup and twist.
  • Products that are painted or treated with a dark blackish stain will fall out of the manufacturer guarantee. Also products that are installed on the north or north west side of a building, without any undercover protection from the elements.

Claim Procedure

  • The company invoice of purchase of specified sealers, must accompany each claim.
  • t is within the sole discretion of the manufacturer to either repair or replace defective products and no claim may exceed the original invoice amount of the item. No carpentry work will be done on any replaced item.
  • All items bought from Door & Window Connection that might have a defect on delivery must be returned. If built-in, no replacement will be done. We will however charge a call-out fee that’s payable prior to call out. If it’s a factory fault the call-out fee will be refunded, if it’s a building fault you will forfeit the call-out fee.

Recommended Products To Treat Your Doors And Windows

  • Lotus Sheen: Clear, Golden Brown, Meranti, Dark Brown.
  • Silkwood sealers: Clear, Golden Brown, Mahogany, Decking Brown, Charcoal,
    Ebony & More Colours Available at Our Outlets.

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