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Single Garage Doors

  1. Opening width for standard door = 2440mm
    Caravan width for standard door = 2440mm
  2. Opening height for standard door = 2135mm
    Caravan height for standard door = 2400mm
  3. LHB Nib = 220mm (min 120mm)
  4. RHS Nib = 220mm (min 120mm)
  5. Centre Columm = min 240mm
  6. Available Headroom = min 360mm

Quotes done on the perception that max. height of Headroom is 425mm. Additional cost applicable if headroom is higher.

10 Panel Door II Single

10 Panel Door Single

20 Panel Door Single

30 Panel Door Single

Brick Single

Gothic Single

Horizontal Single

Rustic Single

Tuscan Single

  • All prices quoted for doors are subject to the openings being standard sizes as shown in drawing above.
  • Solid galvanized steel hardware used.
  • 4 x Support struts on Double doors.
  • All rollers and torsion system standard equipped with Roller bearings.
  • Safety cables fitted standard on single doors (Not needed for double doors).
  • 2 x Pine jabs fitted on sides standard (Meranti and top jabs optional).
  • Emergency key release optional (If no access door in garage – see opening above).
  • Included in quote is: 2 meter wire to connect to electric point if atomized and standard 420mm torsion bars quoted on – if headboard is taller extra required.

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